More icons to be used in Geokov Map Maker

The following web sites contain icons/symbols that can be used when making maps with the Geokov Map Maker. You can right clik on the desired image and copy its location url or address (in IE browser, 'copy shortcut'). Add an icon to the map with the icon tool, click on the icon to open its infowindow, and at the bottom of the 'Info' tab click inside the textbox and paste the new icon URL. Under the 'Icons' tab of the infowindow you can specify the desired width and height of the icon in pixels. Close the infowindow and drag the new icon to the desired location on the map.

Note that you can use the above procedure to add any online image to the map. However it is your responsibility to become aware of any copyright restrictions. It is also a good idea to provide proper attribution to any material used from another site. Ideally, you should download and save the images you want to use and store and link to them from your own server.

Geologic Map Symbol KML Generator

Follow the link below to generate a geologic symbol with the corresponding tool; you can specify arbitrary values for the location latitude and longitude. The KML file will be downloaded to your computer. Open the file with a text editor (e.g wordpad), copy the URL of the symbol located within <Icon><href> tags (It looks similar to this URL: Paste the URL in the Icon InfoWindow, adjust the size under Icons tab, close the window and move the icon to the desired location.   © San Diego State University Department of Geological Sciences