Free Educational and Spatial Data Resources

Geography, Social Studies, Earth and Environmental Sciences - Resources and Lesson Plans

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Atlas of Our Changing Environment:
NASA Global Climate Change:
Google Eart QUEST Tour:
Google Maps Street View:
Google Earth Outreach:
Googel Earth Gallery:
Google Earth Community forum:!forum/gec
QUEST - Google Earth journeys:
Google Earth Lessons:
Google Earth K12 exercises:
Designing and Creating Earth Science Lessons with Google Earth (can be adapted for other subjects):
Take An Earth and Space Science QUEST!:
PAESTA Common Read Books (some with GE file):
Google Earth in Geoscience Education:
John Bailey Virtual Globes and KML:
STEVEN WHITMEYER Google Earth Labs and Exercises:
Tools for Generating Geologic Maps in Google Earth:
Rich Treves Google Earth for Teachers (GEFT):
The Science Education Resource Center at Carelton College (SERC):
Using Google Earth in the Geoscience Classroom (SERC):
SERC List of Google Earth Activities:
Google Earth and Geoscience Education:
K-12 Mapping Activities:
How to Teach With Google Earth:
Google Earth for Educators: 50 Exciting Ideas for the Classroom:
Scholastic Explore Your Earth:
Google Earth for Educators:
GE Classroom Resources:
Google Earth Outreach - Develop a plan for your map:
Google Earth Outreach tutorials:
Google Earth Gallery:
Google Earth Community forum:!forum/gec
Google Earth Blog:
Designing for Google Earth:
Google Earth education youtube tutorials:
Juicy Geography resources:
Digital Library for Earth System Education:
IRIS Education and Public Outreach:
My NASA Data:
NASA Landsat Education:
The Canadian Association of Geographers Educational Links:
National Association of Geoscience Teachers teaching resources:
iPad iBooks Apps:
Cyber-Enabled Earth Exploration (CE3):
Plate Tectonics:
Visible Geology:


Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team [H.O.T.]:
Google Earth Outreach:
HarassMap: Social Mapping Sexual Harassment and Violence in Egypt:
ACLED (Armed Conflict Location and Events Dataset):
Crisis in Darfur:
World Food Programme (WFP):


Google Lit Trips:
Download Google Lit Trips:
Discovering locations within books and films - e.g.:
GoogleLitTrips Reading About Reading:
Google Earth Education Community:
Google Earth in Education - Part 1:
Google Earth in Education - Part 2:
Bookmapping: Lit Trips and Beyond (book by Cavanaugh and Burg):


Teaching History with Google Earth:
David Rumsey Map Collection:
History Tours:
Google Earth Community forum:!forum/gec-history-illustrated-moderated
Flying Through the Crusades:
Google Earth Education Community:
Google Cultural Institute:
Mapping the Holocaust:
Historical GIS of the Normandy Invasion:
Military Applied Geomorphological Mapping: Normandy Case Study:
British Columbia History teaching tools:


Google Earth as a tool for teaching World Music:


Google Cultural Institute:
Google Earth Community forum: Google Earth Community forum


Sky in Google Earth :
Sky View Cafe:
NASA SkyView Virtual Observatory :


Real World Math (with Google Earth):
Google Earth in Education - Part 1:
Google Earth in Education - Part 2:

GPS (Global Positioning System)

EarthCache (info for teachers):
GPS Basics:
Handheld Devices in the Classroom:
Geocaching Forum GPS In Education:
GPS Activities & Lesson Plans:
Using GPS in the Classroom:
GPS Activities:
GPS for Geography teachers:
Teaching Ideas for GPS:
GPS & GIS Lesson Plans & Links:
GPS Activities:
GPS Data For Educators:
GPS Resources and Tutorials:


Open Data links (ESRI Canada site):
National Snow and Ice Data Center:
Google Earth Community forum:!forum/gec
Google Earth Library:
David's Google Earth files:
Natural Earth:
Natural Earth Google fusion tables:
Google Earth Gallery:
Geology Landforms:
NOAA National Weather Service National Weather Data:
National Weather Service Weather Prediction Center:
Weather Underground Weather Overlay Resources:
USGS Earthquake Hazards Program:
Volcano Monitoring:
Climate Change:
Free GIS Data:
United Nations Environment Programme UNEP Environmental Data Explorer:
UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO):
GISTPortal (USAID funded):
US National Atlas:
EPA Waters Data:
EPA Watersheds:
USGS Water Data:
My NASA Data:
NASA Earth Observations:
NASA Visible Earth:
NASA Earth Observatory:
NASA EOS Project Science Office:
Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) Google Earth Tours:
EOL Google Earth Species Quiz:
Biodiversity on the move:
NASA Global Maps:
LiDAR Derived Imagery in Google Earth:
Atlas of the Biosphere:
OpenStreetMap data in Google Earth:
Geographic Data in Education (GEODE): http://w
Wikimedia Commons:


Bookmapping: Lit Trips and Beyond (by Cavanaugh and Burg):
Using Google Earth: Bring the World into Your Classroom (by JoBea Holt):
Google Earth Exercises for Human/Cultural Geography (by Ghazaryan and Shellito):
GPS and Geocaching in Education (by Burt Lo):
A Teachers' Introduction to Google Earth and GPS Receivers (by Heather Almquist et al):
Google Earth and Virtual Visualizations in Geoscience Education and Research (editors Whitmeyer et al):
Google Earth & GPS Classroom Activities (by Jim Holland et al):
World Regional Geography:Concepts & Google Earth Workbook (by Pulsipher et al):
Google Earth Exercises for World Regional Geography (by Bradley A Shellito):
Encounter Physical Geography: Interactive Explorations of Earth Using Google Earth (by Porter and O'Connell):
Encounter World Regional Geography: Interactive Explorations of Earth Using Google Earth (by Jess C. Porter):
Mapping Skills with Google Earth - Big Book (by Paul Bramley):
Web 2.0: How-To for Educators (by Solomon and Schrum):